Tips dan Diari Perjalanan KK-Kundasang: Day 1

This is my third time to Sabah. The last time I went there was in 2011. The first time trip was way back 12 years ago…more like work. the second trip was all-guys-hang-out-together kind of thing. This time around is purely family vacation. And finally I’ve got the chance to visit Kundasang. I’m gonna do this in dual languages. Sorry for those who can’t understand Malay. I’ll try my best to tell you in English.

2013-11-16 09.02.10

Sabah…here we come..

How is this journey possible? Cheap flight tickets.. AirAsia. Bought nearly 6 mth ago. Flight time 7.55AM at LCCT. Please be early at least 1 hour before departure…to avoid any unexpected problems. Such as… check-in luggage is 1 hour before departure..not 45minute before flight. Because of the early flight, we book early for flight meals. We ordered Nasi Lemak, Nasi Ayam & Pan Cakes. Don’t forget to order meals before flight day. It will save you a lot. Not only that, food of choices are limited. Anyway, the Nasi Ayam was a let down.. so much different from what we have on the ground. Pity to my son..because he love Nasi Ayam so much..

2013-11-16 09.02.21

Hmmm.. where is this place? Are we over Sarawak?

We arrived at KKIA (Kota Kinabalu International Airport) around 10.30am. Please be aware people.. KKIA have 2 sections. If you coming by AirAsia, you’ll be landing on the old one or LCCT. From KKIA we headed to Cyber City Apartment. You know, this apartment was splendid..awesome. I love it here. The apartment, the facilities (check out the pool), close to the airport, close to shops and around 10-15 minutes to Jesselton Jetty or Philipine Market.

Terminal 2 KKIA is for AirAsia. From Terminal 2 to Cyber City Apartment 2 takes around 15 minutes

Terminal 2 KKIA is for AirAsia. From Terminal 2 to Cyber City Apartment takes around 15 minutes

Love the Apartment. Great pool.

Cyber City Apartment. Love the Apartment. Great pool.

I would suggest you find a homestay here (Cyber City Apartment) at Jalan Lintas Kepayang, Penampang. For me it worth it because of the facilities, very nice apartment (3 rooms & 2 bathrooms), a fridge and you can cook. Quite comfy for a family vacation. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have a lift (elevator). I can’t recommend any owner of this homestay units. You can search the internet. Because the unit that I had stayed was rented by my company for the whole year. So, I don’t to pay for the rent. But I believe the available unit for the homestay/vacation apartment will cost around RM100/night. Alternatively, you can check this link iBilik for booking.

Cyber City Apartment, Jln Lintas, Kota Kinabalu

Cyber City Apartment, Jln Lintas, Kota Kinabalu

Tomorrow, Day 2, our journey to Kundasang will begin. Going there, you will need a car. Bila kita mencari & menempah kereta sewa tentulah kita tidak mahu tertipu, jadi kita memerlukan endorsement dari orang2 yang kita kenal. Alhamdulillah, kebetulan salah seorang rakan FB saya baru pulang dari KK memperkenalkan (I was introduced a month ago by my facebook friend, who just get back from Kota Kinabalu, to) Shafee Dulaip (Tanah Air Car Rental) 016-2199787 / 010-9373647. Saya amat berpuashati sebab dapat kereta baru Saga FLX.

My ride for the next 3 days. I like it.. KK - problemo

My ride for the next 3 days. I like it.. KK – problemo

Okay..1st day.. takde apa sangat nak cerita sebab asyik hujan je sampai malam. Anyway, me and my kids berpeluang jugak untuk “try” swimming pool berdekatan dengan gymnasium & boleh dikatakan berhadapan dengan unit yang kami sewa. Lebih kurang 4.30pm hujan berhenti..terus bersegera ke pool. Dapat le berendam dalam sejam lebih sebelum hujan kembali. But it’s worth it..really.

Cyber City Apartment 2. The facilities are awesome.

Cyber City Apartment 2. The facilities are awesome.

Malam..dinner masak je..beli barang sikit kat kedai berhampiran. Kemudian..kemas-kemaskan barang yang mana nak bawa ke Kundasang keesokan harinya. Tengok balik plan perjalanan… since plan asal sepatutnya kami ke Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park untuk hari kedua. Pagi sampai tengahari di Pulau Manukan. I know my kids would love the beach, the islands, the boat rides… but..since my mom feels unsure about the boat ride.. and a few other things.. we have to do a slight switch of plans. Instead of going to Kundasang late in the afternoon, we decided to go in the morning.  So, my advice is…please plan your vacations wisely and plans in advance. Check the google map..because you can check the distance and you can time your journey. Reads blog of those who have been there. It’s really helpful. Always have a back-up plan..but not a last minute change of plan..because it might turn to an unpleasant one or it might turn out to be a me. I’ll tell you later..

Oh..if your journey to Kota Kinabalu strats from KLIA2.. you might consider this.. More infos on KLIA2 can be found from this website.

If you drive your own car to KLIA2, don't worry about where to park your car.

If you drive your own car to KLIA2, don’t worry about where to park your car.

TAxi fare here


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