My recent visit to Kota Kinabalu

After all those difficulties to secure a an AirAsia ticket last 6 month, me and my friends finally get on board the plane last friday night to Kota Kinabalu. I’m so excited about this trip because the last time I’ve been to Sabah was 11 years ago. I know.. that long aa… and the last time I’ve travel by plane was 4 years ago. Although it was just a 2 days 2 night vacation.. it was worthwhile especially I finally got to do same snorkeling at Pulau Manukan & Pulau Mamutik.

Tune Hotel, 1Borneo

 We arrived in KK at midnight. The 12 of us took 3 taxis to ferry us to Tune Hotel. It cost us RM75 per person. Then, we realized how far is the hotel from KK city centre. Tune Hotel KK is in a new shopping mall area called 1Borneo (same concept of 1Utama in Damansara). Not far from UMS campus (University Malaysia Sabah). From there to KK city centre, if you take taxi.. it will cost you RM25 for one way trip. There’s a free shuttle bus to the city centre with an hour interval (I don’t realized it until the last day). There’s also a city bus which cost RM1 for one way trip which end up at the bus terminal in the city centre. From there if you want to ride a bus going inside the city, take the sector ‘A’ buses.

Jesselton Point

Anyway, the second our plan to go snokeling and we need to go fast to the Jesselton Point to avoid traffic at the jetty.  So, we have to sacrifice RM25 per taxi. The weather was perfect. As we want to visit 2 islands (Manukan & Mamutik), we were advised to head to Mamutik first because of size of the island is much more smaller than Manukan. Thus, whenever necessary avoid too many crowd.

Buying tickets and choosing the right package at Jesselton Point

Remember people.. go there early. Me and my friends have decided to rent the snokeling gear (goggle & life jacket) at the jetty rather at the island itself because it is more costly at the islands. So, the tickets to both islands cost us RM36/pax and the snokeling gear was RM20 (RM10 a pieace). So, off we go…

the Jesselton Point landmark

Wuhoo... ready guys..

err.. I think it's Mamutik island

nice.. dah tak sabar dah ni..

ok..gonna publish this first. second part coming… be right back..


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