The Legend Cherating

Sunrise at Cherating… beautiful. I went there for 3 days from 11th – 13th Dec 2009. I’m so lucky because during my stay there.. the weather is excellent although December is monsoon month. Before and after I went there… it was raining with thunderstorm..even news of floods were every where. I’m so lucky…

The above photo was taken on the second day around 7am from my villa’s balcony. It was beautiful.  Beautiful beaches..beautiful place.. easy to find foods. But very limited tourism place to visit. Only Turtle santuary…  located just outside Club Med Cherating…very frustrating one..because when I was there… there is no turtle or baby turtle in nothing.. even there’s no guide to explain to us about the place.

My stay at Legend was been incredible… i love the pool.. big pool. For 3 days.. every morning and afternoon..I didn’t miss to take a dip in the pool.

Hemm..where else to visit.. I went to the beach near to Residence Inn .. along the road there’s a few gift shops. You should visit this place. Its located in between The Legend Hotel & Club Med (around 5 minutes either way). I even had lunch over there.. hemm.. only one warung… but the foods taste fantastic. Other eateries only open after 4pm. There’s also one Keropok Lekor shop that I decided to visit before I went back to The Legend. I think the only Keropok Lekor around that area. 

In short, for me Cherating is great destination for those who would like to relaxs and unwind.. go slow.. love the nature.. love the beach.. may be little bit of surfing.. not for shopping or looking for tourism spot.. well may be a nite out party at one of the bars overlooking the beach might be cool…


~ by red7472 on December 23, 2009.

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