Saieeda, Iranian girl

iranian girlYes…my first foreigner who agreed to let her pretty face appear in my blog. Her name is Saieeda from Iran..yeah..Iranian girl. I met her at Cineleisure, the Curve on Sunday, August the 16th. She was dancing on stage after been asked by the emcee fr F&N Freestylez competition. She took the challenge with one Malaysian girl. The song was Boom Boom Bang by Black Eyes Peas..but when it was her turn.. she dance  more-like-belly-dancing dance. Anyway, she won it.. . I think she was great… so..I took the gut to asked her, if it ok if i took her pic for my blog..(infront of her mom & aunt..fuhh..) & she said ok..she’s very friendly…

So, Saieeda..welcome to Malaysia. I hope you enjoy your stay here..lots of interesting..amazing places you should visit here. You have my email..(there’s an email in my card that i gave you) drop me a line or two. May be we can meet before you fly back to Iran.


~ by red7472 on August 20, 2009.

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